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Pork Loin Suckling Weighs Below 5kgs Beef Striplion Chicken Legs
Pork Leg Meat Chicken Breast Meat Beef Flank Pork Half Side
Pork Head Pork Leg With Bone Beef Shank Meat Chicken Claw
Pork Surloin Goat Leg With Bone Pork Minced Chicken Gizzard
Pork Ribs Pork Soup Bone Beef Spare Ribs Chicken Drumstick
Pork Tenderloin Pork Belly Square Beef Minced Hen Eggs In Case
Beef Tripe Pork Spare Ribs Common Beef Soup Bone Salted Eggs
Beef Liver Pork Chop With Bone Goat Whole Preserved Eggs
Pork Tripe Beef Tenderloin Meat Chicken Wings TurkeyY
Pork Liver Beef Chop/Local Sliced Mutton Minced Whole Duck
Pork Heart Beef Round Meat Whole Chicken Salted Duck Common
Pork Tongue Beef T-Bone Steak/Best Sliced Duck Gizzards
Pork Trouts Beef Leg Boneless Ox Tongue Rabbits
Suckling Chicken Wings Middle Ox Tail

Yellow Fish Middel Size Sole Fish Squids Local Shrimp Middle Size
Pomfret Middel Size Octopus Jelly Fish Chub White Local
Sea Eel/Conger Big Size Clam Golden Carp Chinese Red Snapper
Cod Fish Fillet Milk Fish Mackeral Fish Dried Small Shrimps
Pien Fish From Fresh Water Red Snapper Common Carp Hair-Tail Fish
Mackeral Fish Class A Scallop Black Fish Chinese Heing
Shrimp Shelled Middle Size Cuttle Fish Prawn Tiger Sea Eel/Conger
Hair-Tail Fish In Local Squids Big Quahog Local  
J. Mackeral Fish Cod Fish    
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